Live Task Guidance for Workers
Continuous Quality Checks Without Affecting Your Line's Throughput
What is RetroActivity?
Extra pairs of eyes for workers, that assists them in avoiding errors in real-time, leveraging computer vision.

Assist frontline workers by improving analytics, efficiency, and training.

Reduce reliance on trained observers and scale expert knowledge across teams, processes, and geographies.

Live assessment of activities for skills training and task guidance, or offline processing for holistic analytics dashboard.

Patent pending technology leveraging state-of-the-art in 3D model-driven computer vision and deep learning.

Automatically understand complex sub-task hierarchies as well as random behavior from a handful of demonstrations.

No need for expensive AI or IoT engineers to build QC systems for every new process.

Live Guidance and Proactive Alerts for Errors
About us
"Revolutionary", "Disruptive" - Large enterprise customer about our solution.
Shipped AI products including HoloLens, Lego AR, and Honda camera-based ADAS.
Our technology cited by groups from MIT, Stanford, CMU to Apple, Google, Baidu.
One of ten startups selected for Techstars Seattle accelerator (< 1% acceptance rate).
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Worker on-boarding and continuous quality control are expensive. Our platform learns from a few expert demonstrations, to assess live human-powered processes, with minimal setup costs.

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