ICCV Workshop on Computer Vision for the Factory Floor
October 11-17, 2021
Visual defect detection and visual measurements in manufacturing were amongst the first practical applications of computer vision. Since then, applications in manufacturing have continued to leverage advances in computer vision, and the sector has been a consistent source of funding to support our community's research at various levels.

With the recent deep learning revolution, several novel applications of computer vision and augmented reality have emerged in manufacturing, such as in human activity recognition for understanding manual assembly work, as well as a myriad of applications in robotics. With this workshop, we bring together computer vision researchers and leaders from academia and industry for exchange of ideas that lie at the intersection of computer vision and the smart factory.

More speakers coming soon...
Dr. Cordelia Schmid
Director of Research, INRIA Paris
Title (coming soon)
Dr. Nils Petersen
Senior Director, PTC Vuforia
Title (coming soon)
Dr. Rahul Bhotika
Director of Computer Vision Research, Amazon
Title (coming soon)
Dr. Behnoosh Parsa
Applied Scientist, Amazon Robotics Strategy
Title (coming soon)
Dr. Bugra Tekin
Senior Scientist, Microsoft HoloLens
Title (coming soon)
Nandini Ananthula
Program Manager (New Product Introduction), Apple
Title (coming soon)
Dr. Jamal Afridi
Data Scientist and Chair of Computer Vision Chapter, 3M
Title (coming soon)
Dr. Quoc-Huy Tran
Chief Technical Officer, Retrocausal Inc.
Title (coming soon)
Dr. Quoc-Huy Tran (Retrocausal), Dr. Gaurav Sharma (Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur), Dr. Jamal Afridi (3M), Dr. Zeeshan Zia (Retrocausal), Andrey Konin (Retrocausal)
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